13 Jul

  • By annabelrose

We are working hard to get a full set of results to you however we ask you to be patient with us.

School Records*

All results to be confirmed.

Event Name Record Date Set
Boys KS3 Javelin Titus Biggs* 23m 78cm 8/7/16
Girls KS3 Javelin Alexia Critchley 12m 82cm 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 Javelin Denver Rich* 35m 32cm 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 Javelin Ella Cook 17m 50cm 8/7/16
Boys KS3 Shot put Titus Biggs 8m 03cm 8/7/16
Girls KS3 Shot put Dani Turner 5m 16cm 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 Shot put Charlie Spencer 11m 25cm 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 Shot put Ella Cook* 6m 75cm 8/7/16
Boys KS3 Discus Titus Biggs 17m 44cm 8/7/16
Girls KS3 Discus Georgi Scott 14m 17cm 8/7/16
Boys KS 4/5 Discus Emerson Wickland 24m 34cm 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 Discus Ella Cook* 21m 11cm 8/7/16
Boys KS3 Long jump Callum James 4m 40cm 8/7/16
Girls KS3 Long jump Laurel Garvie 3m 40cm 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 Long jump Calvin Dalrymple* 6m 10cm 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 Long jump Shannon Moggach 3m 07cm 8/7/16
Boys KS3 High jump Fergus Wickland* 1m 47cm 8/7/16
Girls KS3 High jump Alexia Critchley* & Skye Hollands* 1m 33cm 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 High jump Calvin Dalrymple* 1m 75cm 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 High jump Fern James 1m 23cm 8/7/16
Boys KS3 Hurdles Rory James 14 secs 86
Girls KS3 Hurdles Alexia Critchley 16 secs 30
Boys KS4/5 Hurdles Kieran Taylor* 12 secs 74
Girls KS4/5 Hurdles Cassandra James 17 secs 87
Boys KS3 100m Fergus Wickland 13 secs 51 8/7/16
Girls KS3 100m Skye Hollands 14 secs 97 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 100m 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 100m Cassandra James 15 secs 55 8/7/16
Boys KS3 200m Callum James 29 secs 98 8/7/16
Girls KS3 200m Kerry Taylor* 32 secs 13 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 200m 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 200m Cassandra James 32 secs 05 8/7/16
Boys KS3 300m Rory James 49 secs 77 8/7/16
Girls KS3 300m 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 400m Denver Rich 56 secs 61 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 300m Fern James 50 secs 52 8/7/16
Boys KS3 800m Fergus Wickland* 2m35secs07 8/7/16
Girls KS3 800m Skye Hollands* 2m48secs22 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 800m Karsten Burch 2m 17secs 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 800m Cassandra James 2m51secs16 8/7/16
Boys KS3 4x100m relay Emil Young, Hans Lawson, Fergus Wickland, Stirling Carron 59 secs 96 8/7/16
Girls KS3 4x100m relay Rosa Reynolds, Kerry Taylor, Sola Lynes, Candace Coles 1m 01secs 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 4x100m relay Marcus Blake, Calvin Smallridge, Wade Devenish, Kieran Taylor 50 secs 72 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 4x100m relay Frensham – Sarah Blake, Becky Ford, Adele Reynolds, Ella Cook 1m 03 secs 8/7/16
Boys KS3 fastest relay Fergus Wickland, Logan Coles, 1min 2 secs 8/7/16
Girls KS3 fastest relay Skye Hollands, Alexia Critchley, Kerry Taylor, Jermaine Lynes 1m 00secs 31 8/7/16
Boys KS4/5 fastest relay Denver Rich, Calvin Dalrymple, Karsten Burch, Kieran Taylor 49 secs 5 8/7/16
Girls KS4/5 fastest relay Fern James, Cassandra James, Carlissa Burch, Ella Cook 1m 01 secs 28 8/7/16