07 Sep

  • By kristianstill

It is with a nervous excitement that I am writing to you this evening. The school has been quietly literally transformed and we anticipate it will get even better as the individual projects are completed. Our thanks goes out to the numerous community businesses and individual contributors that have supported this ambitious renovation project.

The staff have been full of industry preparing the school, their classrooms and engaging in professional development. Although an important investment, their excited responses to a handful of invited student-visitors today, shows me they are keen for our students to return.

It was a real pleasure to met our new Y3 students. Eager and enthused. Y7 returned brimming with confidence and we sense that having the “run” of the school was reassuring for many of them. I can share with you that your children made a very positive impression on our new Assistant Headteacher (KS2 and KS3) Mrs Rafferty. Your flexibility also permitted a number of valuable and focused conversations with Y12 and Y13 students following their examinations. Again, thank you.

We look forward to welcoming our students back tomorrow. We are open for learning.

Open for learning