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Webinar outline

  1. What brings you to this meeting; Current Y11 student, current Y10 or 9 parent, future student.
  2. New grade structure (point 1)
  3. Outline of the new GCSE Maths (point 3-4 below)
  4. The new skills that are required by students
  5. How is the GCSE assessed (point 2) – what does foundation and higher actually mean? (point 5)
  6. The top three support tips for parents
  7. Open Q&A


New GCSEs in English language, English literature and maths were introduced in September 2015, with the first results issued in August 2017. Further subjects will see new GCSEs introduced over the following two years.

2. What new GCSEs will look like

The main features of the new GCSEs are:

  1. A new grading scale of 9 to 1 will be used, with 9 being the top grade. This will allow greater differentiation between students and will help distinguish the new GCSEs from previous versions.
  2. Assessment will be mainly by exam, with other types of assessment used only where they are needed to test essential skills.
  3. There will be new, more demanding content, which has been developed by government and the exam boards.
  4. Courses will be designed for two years of study – they will no longer be divided into different modules and students will take all their exams in one period at the end of their course. Here at Focus School, we deliver the GCSE over three years of study.
  5. Exams can only be split into ‘foundation tier’ and ‘higher tier’ if one exam paper does not give all students the opportunity to show their knowledge and abilities.
  6. Resit opportunities will only be available each November in English language and maths.

3. Exam rollout timetable

New GCSE to be taught from: First results will be issued in: Subjects
September 2015 Summer 2017 English language, English literature and m mathematics
September 2016 Summer 2018 art and design, citizenship studies, combined science (double award), food preparation and nutrition, geography, history and modern foreign languages (French, German, Spanish)
September 2017 Summer 2019 design and technology and statistics