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Naturally our students are at the centre of our efforts and represent our single biggest investment.  We firmly believe that every student is an individual, having individual abilities, needs and learning styles that need to be specifically provided for.  We have a saying “what we do for one – we do for all.”

We encourage all students to take an active, responsible role in the running of our school. They are encouraged to think about how their behaviour today could affect the school in the future.

Our Student Leadership Team with representatives from Yr3 – Yr13 ensures a strong student voice at Board level.

We are very proud of our students and recent feedback would suggest we are right to be so.

Thank you very much for allowing myself (and the boys) to have a tour of your wonderful school. All of your students and staff were very welcoming and the students who showed me around had great pride in their school. – Visiting teacher candidate.

I thought the school had such a happy vibe and all the boys and girls were utterly charming. Visiting associate staff candidate.


We employ a mixture of full and part time professional teaching staff with experience in both the state and independent sector. We also welcome NQTs and take an active interest in their professional development.

We have an excellent mix of styles, experience, nationality and expertise which is something we strive to maintain. Regular lesson observations from their peers encourage our staff to share best practice. We welcome feedback from our professional staff and seek to work closely with them to further improve the overall “learning experience”.

We also offer TPS pension scheme where relevant and generous financial remuneration. Also our Staff Code of Conduct  is available on request from the School Office.


As key stake holders in the success of our students, parents are encouraged to be actively involved in all aspects of their children’s education. Regular parent/teacher meetings to review the student progress and set targets are used to build trust and understanding between staff, students and parents to further facilitate high achievement.

Our excellent parent body are also encouraged to get involved in some aspects of the daily running of the school. Driving our fleet of school buses, supervising the Library, helping out at KS2 lunchtime, and regular maintenance days are all integral to the smooth running and excellent community atmosphere at Hindhead Campus.

Autumn 2019 Term we are offering parents a chance to tour the school with the headteacher – please contact the school office for more information.