15 Nov

  • By karenunwin



A great opportunity for a cross-phase challenge occurred last Friday,

when all of the Key Stage 2 students worked collaboratively to rise to

the task of producing a working mechanism made with recycled plastic as

the base. The important issue of recycling and caring for our environment

was highlighted by all. Emphasis was placed upon the students using the

resources carefully – waste not, want not!

The STEAM (Science, TEchnology And Maths) challenges have been set for a

number of years now. Focus have asked that students work together in both

technology (November 2017) and maths challenges; the maths challenge being

set for March 2018.

The Key Stage split into house groups, as there was the incentive of three sizeable

merit prizes for the best mechanisms. The students began after morning break and

continued working until the end of period 5. They worked very hard; teamwork was

definitely in evidence!

The culmination of the challenge was held in the Hall. Mrs Rafferty and all the KS2 staff the high standard and complexity of the mechanisms. Mrs Rafferty judged the entrants. It was not an easy job!

The three winners were:

1st: Jones Spencer – Warriors

                                        2nd: Sienna James and Carling Tennent – Troopers

               3rd: Huxley James’ group – Raiders